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Defender L663 Rear Reverse Lamps - Black / Red

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These additional lamps are a simple and essential upgrade to your Defender, improving the rear visibility when reversing at night. With the standard reverse lights being universally condemned for providing little to no real light output at night.

Installation is literally plug and play - simply remove a small trim piece from the rear and connect the wiring for the new lamps. Once installed, the lamps look like part of the original vehicle and work automatically with the existing reverse / stop / indicator lamps.

Several versions are available:

V1 -Reverse light with running light / brake light
V2 - As V1 but without the running / brake light (reverse light only)
V3 - As V2 but with sweeping indicator light
V4 - Full function model, with running / brake light, reverse light, and sweeping indicator

Defender L663 Rear Reverse Lamps - Black / Red Defender L663 Rear Reverse Lamps - Black / Red
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