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Defender L663 P300/P400e QuickSilver Sound Architect Exhaust System

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The QuickSilver Sport System with Sound Architect Valves gives your Defender P300 / P400e the sound you expected from the factory.
Loud or Quiet - the system uses QuickSilver's revolutionary Sound Architect™ Module, which is controlled by your mobile phone via the QuickSilver App; it could not be easier.
With the valves shut the QuickSilver system provides a civilised note which is unobtrusive and perfect for long journeys and early starts.

Switch to valves open and the monstrous side comes alive with volume and pitch increased to deliver a pure inline six car sound that enriches the experience.
Furthermore, in dynamic driving mode on occasion the exhaust delivers wonderful pops on the up-change & overrun, a nice touch.

The QuickSilver system is truly plug & play, it requires no intrusion into the cars's OE systems and is completely reversible if ever required.

Key Features:

  • Valve control for the perfect sound.
  • Stainless Steel mandrel bent tubing.
  • Improved throttle response.
  • Fantastic burbles and pops on the overrun.
  • Civilised to sports car in an instant.
  • The 4x straight carbon fibre tail pipes and mirrored traverse box are a huge improvement to the rear view.
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